Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

They are excellent in preconstruction and offer value and exceed expectations at every turn. They have great relationships with high-quality subcontractors (and) their staffing is unparalleled, from the estimating department to the field superintendents.

Dan O’ Melveny
Executive Director
J.F. Shea Foundation

I've had the pleasure of working with DAC on multiple projects and the thing that keeps me coming back is the people. At every phase of the process, they're clear, prepared, and thorough. Construction is tricky, budgets are fixed and schedules are tight. You know that you're going to have to make tough choices and need to function as a team. With Del Amo, I've always felt like I was with a group who could stay focused on the important stuff, how to get it done right.

Andy Waisler
Waisler Design

Throughout the process, Del Amo’s team of professionals provided the effort and commitment needed to find innovative solutions delivering high-quality, award-winning architectural design within budget.

David L. Jordon
SSV Properties

Our projected opening date for Phase 1 was September 26th, (a month early from our contractual date of October 27th). We will be receiving our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) even earlier – it is expected by the afternoon of September 17th! Getting all architectural issues resolved on a timely basis and the excellent work by Del Amo’s subs who are, by and large, passing inspections on the first go-round… Kudos go to Del Amo who pulled out all the stops by working Saturdays to beat our contractual date of completion.

Anna Olvera
Owner & User
Watts Learning Center

We needed a General Contractor that could meet our budget and meet our timelines. You showed up and you got it done. Del Amo always meets our timeline. (They) communicate well and the whole team is very accessible. With a good network and partnerships we created a collective expectation that we could do better and we did!

Dr. Yvonne Chan
Founder and Principal
Vaughn Next Century Learning Center

The team at Del Amo has been an incredible partners to (us) over the years. Del Amo did the base building construction on our 17,000 square foot bow and truss office space renovation and Tenant Improvements back in 2012. It was a complicated project as it included both base building work for our landlords as well as TI work for us as the tenant. Steve (Nakano) and Kevin from Del Amo took that challenge on and ensured that the building as everything the landlord needed it to be for their long term asset and delivered exactly what we needed as the tenant. Del Amo’s building mastery was on full display throughout the project and they delivered the space on time and at a level that has left everyone happy for six years. The diplomacy, professionalism, and communication that the Del Amo team had while working on our project made a world of difference for everyone involved. They recommended different creative solutions and told us what the cost and performance differences would be, while also offering an objective recommendation. They also helped navigate particularly challenging situations and conversations in a way that one might expect from a congress person, not a contractor. Above all, their continued support and exceptional service ever since we moved into the building has blown us away. Whether we have a question about a minor acoustic issue between offices or we need their help wrangling subcontractors, I am confident that Steve (Nakano) and Del Amo will go out of their way to make time for us to ensure we have what we need! The team at Del Amo is a pleasure to work with and are partners I know I can always rely on.

Philip Hitzeroth
Director, HR and Operations
Entertainment Animation Company

My relationship with Del Amo Construction spans nearly twenty years and two institutions where quality is a required commodity. They are builders first, but (have) the knowledge to know what is important architecturally to the client (and) create participation from both the client and the architect. I can't say how much I enjoyed working with this group of professionals. The results of their efforts speak for themselves.

Frank J. Perri
Former Director of Construction & Former Senior Construction Manager
Claremont McKenna College & California Institute of Technology

I want to take a moment to express our congregation’s appreciation for the work of your team. The level of competency for the work, their diligence in its execution, and the quality of relationship which developed between us was remarkable. Gene Postert and Natalie Puga looked after our project as though it were their own. They faced a number of intriguing obstacles. First was the emergence of the new pipeline project of the California Water Service Company, whose timing and location could hardly have been worse. Second was the rain, which was not only persistent and heavy, but seemingly timed to arrive just as the ground was drying out from the last one. They reckoned with soil engineers whose requirements were occasionally at variance from their own soil report. Gene maintained a positive rapport with our building and safety inspectors, which helped keep things moving even when permits were delayed. Gene managed the changing shape and character of the site itself, and Natalie rode herd on our subs. I believe I said something of this on the day of our new facilities’ dedication, but I am so glad she was on OUR team. They managed completely unexpected developments, from a wedding reception for our Associate Pastor when the patio had just been trenched, to the interior redesign of our Administration Building. Young children and anxious parents were always present, and we knew that DAC was looking after them, and us, with genuine concern and care. Gene handled requests and comments from our preschool director, teachers and staff, as well as from a couple of parents with serious and even “unusual" concerns. Gene and Natalie worked to keep us within budget and on schedule. That may seem like a normal and appropriate goal for a general contractor, but we know that is not always the case for a job of the scope and character. They came up with practical solutions for any number of matters, and kept us in the loop about them. As a team, and with the support of others alongside, it appeared to us that the level of trust and communication between them was high. That was true among all of the regulars on site, including Gene Koester and me. It’s not that we always agreed, but I don’t think we ever doubted the intention or the motivation of any of the other parties. We are glad and grateful that the work is completed. It is fun not to have to deal with all of the dust and mud, noise and disruption. But much more than that, we have the satisfaction of seeing the realization of a long-held, and much-needed, dream. Children and families will be grateful for these wonderful facilities for generations to come. Thank you to DAC, and especially to Gene and Natalie, for what we now enjoy. “Well done” hardly begins to tell the story!

Jonathan Chute
Senior Pastor
Rolling Hills UMC