our concierge approach

Your success is our success.

At Del Amo Construction, we believe exceptional people, superior service, and outstanding results deliver the best building experience ever. We say we are master builders with a concierge approach, because our attention to detail, the relationships we build, and the preeminent service we provide, is what sets us apart from our competition. As your personal “construction concierge,” we provide expert guidance based on data-driven decisions that provide maximum value and keep the project on- budget and on- time. We harness teamwork, optimism, and grit to give you the personal attention you deserve as we bring people together, turn challenges into opportunities, and help everyone adapt swiftly. We work hard to earn your trust, because at the end of the day your success is our success.

We have worked with Del Amo Construction on several of our building projects. We insisted on finding a contractor who understood that the client also needed a personal, residential-in-spirit, great-attention-to-detail partner. Over my 47 years of running the school, I know that building contractors like this are in short supply. Del Amo Construction is one of those companies that can build something of any size and still give the project a personal touch. They receive my highest recommendation.

Joel Pelcyger
Head of School
PS1 Pluralistic School


Planning Matters

The places where people live, learn, work, play, and dream must be safe, functional, beautiful and lasting.


Doing It Right

You can count on our expertise to guide you through the process effectively and efficiently.

del amo best practices


What we build today defines tomorrow

Del Amo Construction approaches all projects with a sustainable perspective at the forefront. We believe that sustainable projects are a cornerstone of value not only to our reputation as builders, but to the product our clients receive. Del Amo Construction is building for the future with a bearing of sustainable development, energy efficient design, and lower environmental impact. Through collaborative design processes with our clients and design teams, we ensure that the projects we build are sustainably bearable, equitable, and viable. We present utility at the forefront of our approach, to ensure that our projects are sustainably bearable, and to build the most effective project to achieve the vision of our clients, and that their voice is equitable in the process. Finally, we build to the standards necessary to ensure long term viability of our projects, guaranteeing efficacy and practicality for now and the future.


Relentlessly pursuing safety excellence

People are important. Our focus is to make sure that everyone returns home safely at the end of the work day.  To ensure that happens, we make safety our number one priority. Our workers are educated on the potential hazards they face through company-wide trainings, weekly tailgate meetings, and commitment to health and safety guidelines.  Our EMR of .72 greatly exceeds the national average, and we are proud to say Del Amo relentlessly pursues safety excellence for everyone, including clients, subcontractors and our employees.