Our technological mission is to drive value for our clients by providing tools to our employees that enable them to be collaborative and effective builders. 

In the modern construction world we are inundated with data, documents, and hundreds of methods with which to manage the construction process. We strive to bring our employees back to what matters; building better projects on time and on budget. Del Amo Construction chooses to invest in tools that help us stay on the cutting edge, reducing time of delivery and providing overall improved product quality through transparent collaboration, preventative problem solving, and effective project management; however we understand that some technologies create a double edged sword that can create a lot of work for minimal value. Because of this understanding we focus solely on the technologies that are guaranteed to bring positive results to our employees without undue headache. With the knowledge that “technology is only as good as the people using it”, we insure that our teams of dynamic leaders are given the right tools and training from Day One to improve workflow, drive productivity, and enhance client relations. 

Microsoft 365

Whenever Procore needed to push the envelope, we call Del Amo. Their teams have been critical in Procore's product development process, continuously challenging assumptions of what technology could solve for in the industry. We call on them time and time again to help us shape the future of the industry.

Fatima Howes
Sr. Product Manager

Del Amo Construction is ahead of the pack in terms of implementing forward-thinking technology in their business, both in the field and the office. We love working with the team because they understand the efficiency and risk management that software tools like lienwaivers.io offer.

Geoff Arnold
CEO & co-founder