Del Amo Construction’s Safety Policies and Practices

Del Amo Construction, Inc. is dedicated to the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the public. By exceeding industry safety standards and taking an active role in the enforcement of safety policies and practices, we have managed to provide a place of employment reasonably free from hazards, illnesses and injury.

We are experienced in the day-to-day as well as long range participation of working in and amongst occupied environments. Projects of this nature often dictate special precautions for the client’s safety during construction. When it has been a requirement that new construction takes place within the limits of a functioning facility, we have a record of successfully completing the new work in the shortest possible time while protecting the existing structure and the safety of the inhabitants whether they are members, staff or the general public.

As always, sensitivity to traffic, adjoining neighbors or restraints imposed by zoning/rules dictated by a Conditional Use Permit is often a requirement. Dealing with these circumstances, dictates a familiarity with these somewhat unusual conditions which are not only important for a smooth job and knowing the costs associated with the various compliance measures but also, crucial for maintaining relations with the community.

Del Amo implements the following:Safety_1

  • Scheduled deliveries around the operating project’s activities/functions
  • Movable barricades to accommodate Owner’s use
  • Badging of workers
  • Fixed solid barriers to isolate construction zones from public areas
  • Sally-port gate systems to allow cross-flow of workers/deliveries with users/traffic without commingling or interaction
  • Off hours work to avoid interaction or disruption

Additionally, we have a Safety Program oriented to the security of our jobsites with methods that include monthly safety reports from an independent safety inspector and our recently launched safety incentive program. Jobsites are carefully monitored by OSHA trained field superintendents and project managers to ensure that safety rules and regulations are followed by employees and subcontractors at all times. For our fully implemented and detailed Corporate Safety Policies and Procedures, you may contact Mitch Hudson, Vice President of Operations and Safety Affairs.

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