Del Amo’s preconstruction services approach focuses on quality, schedule, and price.

We understand that cost estimating and budget preparation are fundamental to the successful development of any project, and we work to address the client’s needs from the earliest stages of development. Use of our cost plan estimating model and our active development interaction and value engineering capabilities will give the project a solid foundation for accurate cost forecasting.

Integral to our success, our reputation for a quality end product is only the outcome of consistent attention to the caliber of the process from inception through realization. Our resource focusing system assures a systematic, checklist approach to evaluating every trade through preliminary design, value engineering, constructability, operability, bidability and finally fabrication and field inspections. We draw upon our system, our in-house experts trained in various disciplines and our outside consultants with whom we have developed strategic alliances to concentrate on the details and bring state-of-the-art products and processes to your project.

Our subcontractor analysis system links actual experience of the appropriate subcontractors to the specific project. We analyze past performances, along with financial status, insurance and bonding capabilities. This allows the project team members instant access to our subcontractors files to insure that only qualified subcontractors are selected for bid lists.

Our experience shows that preconstruction services pay dividends to the project in the form of extremely well researched options, pricing and the integration of a client’s particular needs. Our Del Amo team is capable, reliable and highly ethical. You can rely on an attitude of partnership and respect and be assured that we are fully committed to achieving all of the client’s expectations.

Del Amo’s preconstruction team offers:

  • Constructability / Design Review and Evaluation. Del Amo works with the architect and their consultants during the design phase to analyze alternate construction systems and materials as well as make recommendations with respect to costs, possible economies, and construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, and time requirements for installation.
  • Staging & Phasing Strategies. Del Amo develops detailed strategies to accommodate the excavation, shoring, construction staging, on-site material storage and general day-to-day construction traffic relative to the on-going operations of the existing facility as well as develop labor disruption avoidance strategies.
  • Project Schedule Preparation & Maintenance. We prepare and maintain a comprehensive overall project schedule that covers both design and construction phase and develop a cash flow analysis in conjunction with the schedule. We update the schedule regularly as the project progresses, defining the critical path and key actions needed to expedite work.
  • Construction Cost Estimates. We prepare, submit and review with the Owner and Architect detailed construction cost estimates at schematic design phase, design development phase and 50% construction documents phase.
  • Value Engineering Analysis. We conduct a value engineering analysis of building systems and components at each updated cost estimate based on Owner’s project requirements and priorities.
  • Document Quality Reviews and Coordination. Our team prepares subcontractor bid packages including detailed Instructions to Bidder as well as pre-qualified subcontractor lists. We provide major subcontractor trade negotiations and develop early bid packages for long lead equipment and materials.
  • Subcontractor Bid Solicitation. We obtain bids for each sub-trade for the review and approval of Owner.