As one of California’s premier builders, our job is to carry our client’s vision forward, to deliver solutions tailored to the challenges and opportunities of each project. Every building project presents unique constraints of site, traffic, timeline, budget and design specifications. Additionally, many projects have special considerations such as the detailed requirements for LEED® certification. Our goal is to get every detail of your project right.

Our general contracting services include but are not limited to:

  • On-Site Staffing Supervision and Support: Del Amo assigns full-time supervision and such other support as may be required on-site, from commencement of the project until completion to properly execute the work within the established schedule.
  • Proactive Project Management and Field Supervision: Del Amo’s project manager and field staff participates in weekly job progress and construction meetings to be conducted with the Project Team, and other meetings as required, both prior to, during and after construction.
  • Provide comprehensive coordination of all field activities as required. Our team holds weekly subcontractor meetings to resolve questions or discrepancies. Evaluate/negotiate potential changes with Project Team and offer problem solving, quality management and procurement strategies.
  • Project “Constructability”: Ensure that all specified materials are available when needed, that drawings and details are appropriate and buildable, and that all project information is complete and in a satisfactory format for sub-trade bidding.
  • Documentation. The procurement and construction phases of the project require consistent attention and timely documentation. Early attention to these items is a hallmark of our extensive planning management efforts. Coordinating an owner’s internal flow of information to provide prompt field direction supports your project goals. Construction documentation consists of: Owner Meeting Minutes, Safety/Daily Reports, Submittals, Project Status Reports, RFI Logs, COR Logs, Cost Control, Material Delivery Control Logs, Look-Ahead Schedules, Schedule Maintenance, and Punch List.
  • CPM Scheduling. Del Amo has created an excellent reputation for meeting the aggressive schedules common in construction. We have made a significant investment in training all of our construction personnel to use the critical path scheduling as a hands-on tool to meet our clients completion deadlines. We use this computerized system to help us comprehensively plan and coordinate the multiple tasks and responsibilities inherent in each project.
  • Cost Accounting. The technology and cost reporting systems used at Del Amo internally can be applied to any project requirement. Our Timberline systems provide full transaction audit trails back to your check numbers with custom structure and reporting to flow through to your audit, tax and asset management reporting requirements.
  • Long Lead Equipment and Materials: Pre-purchase material or equipment as required by lead-time or availability and as direct by Project Team.
  • Safety Compliance. Our staff manages safety compliance. Jobsites are carefully monitored by OSHA trained field superintendents and project managers to ensure that safety rules and regulations are followed by employees and subcontractors at all times. Provide monthly safety reports from an independent safety inspector.
  • Cost-Construction Services. Our team manages the project close-out. We prepare closeout schedules and contracts as well as coordinate compilation of as-builts, owner’s manuals, owner FF & E and warranties as well as assure warranty compliance. We initiate systems testing and manage final inspections.